I have been working with Carmen for several years both as a direct customer and as a simple participant in traininig sessions and workshops organized by Michelin Italy Headquarters. 
She helped us on a variety of issues linked to leadership, management and change management making use of her coaching skills and ofter designing on purprose workshops on specific items. Recently she worked directly with me as an executive coach on a couple of projects I had and with my management team to help its members being more effective in their managerial practices. In all these cases thanks to her help we were able to achieve very good results in changing our management methods.
Carmen is a very pleasant person to work with, committed, hard worker, open, creative, flexible, she take care of her customer not only in proposing the good tool for the task required, but in following up the results of the work done. 
I highly recommend Carmen: with her skills and attitude she can help any organizations in improving their results.

Simone Miatton  - Plant Manager - Michelin, Cuneo (Italy) 

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Years ago I was requested to support my Company on specific Leadership and Managerial coaching to better face crucial challenges.
When I selected Carmen Rotilio as coach, I felt strongly that I would get the right person to reach the requested targets.
During all the meeting sessions, Carmen well understood the Company Business dynamics and her attention to detail was impressive and fundamental to lead the “actors” of the concerned projects. As a result of her coaching activities, we were able to focus on areas in which to improve, but more importantly to build on our strengths. We learned how to really communicate on a deep level improving our internal and external effectiveness and relationships.
With Carmen we have a trusted advisor available whenever we need an objective sounding board. Now, instead of wondering what to do, we know that we have someone we can talk to, discuss facts with, and get clear, concise, “right-on” feedback that we can take and immediately implement. Her advice is always spot on! She is all about results and relationships and keeps the Business focused on these high leverage areas.
Her valuable insights come from the combination of having a solid academic credentials, and a strong track record of coaching and consulting experience as evidenced by other multinational Companies she has supported.
With her guidance we continued to meet our growth opportunities with a high level of professionalism.

Daria Abbate - Head of Human Resources - Eutelsat Broadband, Turin (Italy) 

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This letter is my personal recommendation for Mrs. Carmen Rotilio, Until just recently, I have been Carmen's customer for serveral
years. I found her to be consistently pleasant, responding to all my requests with dedication and a smile.
Besides being a joy to work with, Carmen is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the
benefits. she has successfully developed several coaching models for our company that have resulted in increased revenue.
During her tenure, we saw an increase in profits and quality. 
The new revenue was a direct result of the teaching issued by Carmen. 
Though she was an asset to our strategic development, Carmen was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company.
In addition to preparing effective coaching modules for myself, Carmen assumed a counseling role for all employees.
I highly recommend Carmen. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization. 

Dario Castagna - Atlanticmoon Llc, Rochester, NY (USA)   

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Several years ago I met Carmen and appreciate her capacity, during a training for Manager on which she animated several sessions.

Having included in my current mission the deployment of the sales and operational processes in the Euromaster Network, the Training and the Coaching are key factors of success.
For this reason, last year, I had the opportunity to work again with Carmen to improve the “Coaching Skills” for all the European Manager and Consultants involved in the processes deployment.
At the end of this experience I would like to thank Carmen for the professionality and effective support that she has given to us in three important phases:

  • Training preparation and customization
  • Giving the training module “Coaching Skills” in several countries (Italy, French, Turkey, Spain and Portugal)
  • Providing the needed support to other trainers to prepare and deliver the training in other countries

The feedback received after some months from the countries Consultants Manager and Operations Directors, was very positive.
After the training the colleagues were motivated, they have started the application in their daily activity and they are getting the first results.
For these reasons, I highly recommend Carmen because she has the skills and attitude to help any organization to get the company objective.

Gilberto Cameli - Euromaster Operational Way B2B/HV Manager Europe & Franchise Consulting Coordinator, Clermont-Ferrand (France)    

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I had the pleasure of working on several international projects with Carmen Rotilio.
She is a very competent and very professional trainer and she wins easily the respect and admiration of the groups she works with. Her facilitation is perfect in English and in French, in addition to her mother tongue.
She really makes a difference in a Leadership training program.

Tarcisio Coelho - L&D Consultant / Consultor de T&D – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Carmen sa unire alla sua profonda competenza professionale, una grande sensibilità personale. Questo la porta, velocemente, in contatto empatico col suo interlocutore.
Tutto ciò si traduce in tempi brevi e traguardi raggiunti. Lavorare con lei è davvero un piacere.

Luca Pesci - Area Manager presso Punto Capital – Milan (Italy)

Carmen is a highly energetic, positive and a professional coach, I felt that she brought the best out of me and inspired so much motivation in me during the management training!
She glows with her positive attitude to life and I feel she can inject it to others too. You can easily feel that she makes a difference and really helps people…
She is a good example of integrity, professionally and personally.
Carmen has got natural "people" skills and she can work with many different cultures and attitudes… She masters the field of management coaching and can easily associate theory and practice, with worldwide examples…
I am really proud that she helped us to grow as managers and become more aware of ourselves professionally, as well as overcome some of our individual problems, although it was a group training…Thank you sincerely.
Carmen, it is great to know you!

Semra Inanc Massier - Finance Director at Michelin – Istanbul (Turkey)

Carmen ha una attenzione e orientamento al cliente particolare. Curiosa e con capacità distintive di immaginare nuovi scenari e individuare percorsi e soluzioni nuove e di successo.

Anna Beltritti - Consultant presso A.B. srl. – Turin (Italy)